Referee Paging System RPS2156

“Referee Paging System” which is used all over the world for Football (Soccer) games.  Insert NFP-P0612 to offer vibration alerting.

Sunu Band Sonar Smartwatch

Our LVM-Series linear vibration motors NFP-ELV1411A is used for SUNU BAND– a smartwatch that is enhancing mobility for the visual impaired.

Lief Smart Patch That Fights Stress

The Lief is a discreet biosensing patch that measures your heart and breath. Lief teaches you to control your body’s natural stress response through gentle, safe biofeedback exercises.

AUDO Compression Silicone Sex Toys

Audo specializing in sex product design, mould design and project management, They use NFP vibration motor inside their silicone sex toys for vibrating.

Laser Tag Equipment

Lasertag is a real-time military sports game. They use our encapsulated vibration motor vibrating to simulated a shooting game like real.

Wearable Device Shade

Built-in NFP-C0820 FPC coin vibration motor is widely used for the wearable devices to offer the notification by vibration alerting, such as the Shade

Swiftpoint Z Mouse

The Swiftpoint Z is a best game mouse built in a Force Sensor & Tactile Feedback to unleash a faster, more precise and highly intuitive mouse.


Buying Powerful Vibration Motors From NFP-Motor

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Small Vibration Motoros Introduction

The powerful vibration motors have strong vibration force. They have widely applications for the designer. These powerful vibration motors generate high vibration amplitudes and aren’t usually not appropriate for smaller devices just like the cellphones. These ERM vibrating motors usually need higher drive voltages than there smaller counterparts and have rib holes behind the eccentric weight to facilitate mounting. Our vibration motors ar all accessible with either terminal pins for connecting your own cable or we are able to offer a cable terminated with a spread of connectors. Most of these high performance motors incorporate chrome steel shafts, oil fertilised bearings and valuable brushes. Typical applications for our powerful vibration motors embody massage beds, massage chairs, adult toys, medical devices, game controllers and moving alerts.

2020 All New Vibration Motors List

Quality vibrating motors stocked. Used for vibration / haptic alerting apps. We stock our motors so you don’t have to worry about wait time. Also you can check the data sheet / specification by clicking the “Go” button. Have any technical question about the mini vibrating motors, you can leave message in the bottom form too. When you are ready to order samples, you can click the rightmost column “Buy” to our online shop – (Support paypal payment method) to self-order. When we get the order of dc vibrating motors, we will prepare to ship the vibrating motors to you by DHL door to door, L/T 2-3 days to worldwide. If you want to order in large amount, kindly contact us in any time, your request or quote will be replied in less than 8 hours.


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Motor Model: NFP-N20VAZ-08215-30T
Rated Voltage: 5.0V DC
Rated Speed: 8500 ± 15% rpm
Rated Current: 125mA max

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Motor Model: NFP-N20VAZ-08215-30T
Rated Voltage: 5.0V DC
Load Speed: 8500±15% rpm
Load Current: 125 mA Max
Typical Application: massage, medical device, adult toys

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Model: NFP-N20VAZ-A
Type: 3.7V ERM Motor
Size: φ=12mm; L=15mm
Current: 0.2A
Voltage: DC 3.7V
Speed: 7,800rpm

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Model: NFP-N20VAZ-K
Type: 3V DC Vibration Motor
Size: φ=12mm; L=15mm
Current: 0.65A
Voltage: DC 3V
Speed: 12300rpm

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Model: NFP-312-004
Type: 1.5V DC Vibration Motor
Size: φ=12mm; L=20mm
Current: ≤295mA
Voltage: DC 1.5V
Speed: 7700rpm

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Model: NFP-N25CAZ-A
Type: 4.5V DC Vibration Motor
Size: φ=12mm; L=19.5mm
Current: 0.10A
Voltage: DC 4.5V
Speed: 13500rpm

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Model: NFP-320-001
Type: 3V Strong Vibration Motor
Size: φ=20.4mm; L=25.0mm
Current: 0.9A
Voltage: DC 3.0V
Speed: 10500rpm

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Model: NFP-180SHZ-B
Type: 3.7V Strong Vibration Motor
Size: φ=20.4mm; L=32.0mm
Current: 0.75A
Voltage: DC 3.7V
Speed: 5500rpm

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Model: NFP-324-100
Type: 2.0V Game Controller Vibration Motor
Size: φ=24.4mm; L=12.5mm
Current: 0.14A
Voltage: DC 2.0V
Speed: 1750rpm

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Model: NFP-324-002
Type: 12V Vibration Motor
Size: φ=24mm; L=30.5mm
Current: 0.07A
Voltage: DC 12.0V
Speed: 5000rpm

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Model: NFP-F280V
Type: 12V Vibration Motor
Size: φ=24mm; L=30.0mm
Current: 270mA
Voltage: DC 12.0V
Speed: 4000rpm


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Small Vibration Motor Model: NFP-130SH-38-3.7V
Rotation Direction: CCW
Voltage Range For Use: DC 3.0-4.0V
No-load Current: ≤140mA
No-load Speed: 6,700±10% rpm
Rated Load: R7mm*Φ2mm*8mm
Rated Current: ≤270mA
Rated Speed: 5,800±10% rpm
Starting Voltage: ≤1.2VDC
Insulation Resistance: ≥ 1MΩ
Starting Current: ≤1.58A


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Model: NFP-F130SHZ-B
Type: 3V Small Vibrating Motor
Size: φ=20.4mm; L=25.0mm
Current: 413mA
Voltage: DC 3.0V
Speed: 6,100±1250rpm


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Model: NFP-324-102C
Type: 3V powerful vibration motor with connectors 2P 2.5
Size: φ=24.4mm; L=12.5mm
Voltage: DC 3.0V
Current: 0.2A
Speed: 1,600rpm


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Motor Model: NFP-775SHV
Voltage: 12V/24V DC
No load current: 0.35-0.5A
On load current: 1.6-3A
Rated Power: 60W
Weight: 422g
Shaft Length: 15mm


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Motor Model: NFP-DH555
Voltage Options: 6V DC, 12V DC, 24V DC
Speed Options: 4,000RPM, 8,000RPM
No-Load Current: 0.3 – 0.45A
On-Load Current: 0.7 – 0.9A
Rated Power: 15W
Weight: 280g


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Motor Model: NFP-DH370
Rated Voltage: 6V/12V/ 24V DC
Rated Speed: 6,000RPM
Eccentric Rotating Mass: Double Iron Fan Shape Heads
Options: 6V 6,000rpm; 12V 6,000rpm; 24V 6,000rpm


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Motor Model: NFP-RC520
Motor Diameter: 32.8 mm
Motor Length: 22.6 mm
Rated Voltage: 12.0V DC, 24V DC
No Load Speed: 5,000rpm – 10,000rpm
Weight: 50g


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Motor Model: NFP-RK370
Motor Diameter: 20.0 mm
Motor Length: 30.7 mm
Rated Voltage: 6.0V DC, 12.0V DC, 24V DC
No Load Speed: 6,000rpm, 8,500rpm


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Motor Model: NFP-RK-370
Motor Diameter: 24.0mm
Motor Length: 30.7mm
Motor Overall Length: 51mm
Rated Voltage: 6V/12V/ 24V DC
Rated Speed: 6,000rpm
Eccentric Mass: Double Copper Heads
Options: 6V 6,000rpm – 12V 6,000rpm – 24V 6,000rpm


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Motor Model: NFP-SH-RF-370 Round Eccentric Mass
Motor Diameter: Φ24.2mm
Motor Body Length: 30.7mm
Rated Voltage: 6.0V DC, 12.0V DC, 24.0V DC
Rated Speed: 6,000rpm
Weight: 56g


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Motor Model: NFP-SH370
Motor Diameter: 24.2mm
Motor Body Length: 30.7mm
Motor With Eccentric Mass Length: 42.0mm
Rated Voltage Options: 6V/12V/24V DC
Rated Speed: 6,000RPM
Eccentric Mass Shape: Single Iron Fan Shape Head


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Motor Model: NFP – SH385
Motor Diameter: 28.8mm
Motor Body Length: 37.7mm
Motor Overall Length: 52.5mm
Rated Voltage: 12.0V DC; 24V DC
Rated Speed: 4,000rpm; 8,000rpm
Eccentric Rotating Mass: Single Iron Fan or Roud Shape


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Motor Model: NFP-SH4575-12V/ NFP-SH4575-24V
Motor Diameter: 44.5mm/ 44.5mm
Motor Length: 75mm/ 75mm
Rated Voltage: 12V DC/ 24V DC
Rated Speed: 4,000 rpm/ 8,000 rpm
No Load Current: 0.484 A/ 0.27 A
Stall Torque: ≥2.2 ≥
Stall Current: ≤8.5 A/ ≤4.3 A
Weight: 455g/ 455g