DC Gear Motor Model NFP-JGA25-2430

Small Gear Motor

Micro GearMotor Outline Drawing


NFP-JGA25-2430 Data Sheet

Model NFP-JGA25-2430-12/2460  12V/24V DC
Ratio No Load Rated Load Stall
Speed Current Speed Torque Current Torque Current
4.4:1 1360rpm ≤0.15A 1000rpm 0.5Kgf.cm ≤0.4A 0.7Kgf.cm 0.8A
9.6:1 640rpm ≤0.15A 500rpm 1Kgf.cm ≤0.4A 1.5Kgf.cm 0.8A
21.3:1 280rpm ≤0.15A 200rpm 2Kgf.cm ≤0.4A 3.4Kgf.cm 0.8A
35.5:1 170rpm ≤0.15A 130rpm 3.5Kgf.cm ≤0.4A 5.6Kgf.cm 0.8A
46.8:1 130rpm ≤0.15A 100rpm 4.5Kgf.cm ≤0.4A 7.3Kgf.cm 0.8A
78:1 77rpm ≤0.15A 60rpm 7.8Kgf.cm ≤0.4A 12Kgf.cm 0.8A
103:1 60rpm ≤0.15A 45rpm 10Kgf.cm ≤0.4A 16Kgf.cm 0.8A
171:1 35rpm ≤0.15A 27rpm 17Kgf.cm ≤0.4A / /
226:1 25rpm ≤0.15A 20rpm 20Kgf.cm ≤0.4A / /
377:1 16rpm ≤0.15A 12rpm 20Kgf.cm ≤0.4A / /
500:1 12rpm ≤0.15A 9rpm 20Kgf.cm ≤0.4A / /

* Other Parameters: According To Customer Demand For Design

Small Gear Motors Typical Applications

● Automation Equipment, Automatic Doors And Windows

● Vending Machine, Smart Home, office Equipment, Mahjong Machine

● Automatic Grill, Automatic Drying Rack, Parking Lock, Medical Equipment


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