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Application NFP-ELV1411A Linear Resonant Actuator For Sunu Band Sonar Smartwatch

Our LVM-Series linear vibration motors NFP-ELV1411A is used for SUNU BAND - a smartwatch that is enhancing mobility for the visual impaired. Beautifully designed, elegant and high-tech - Sunu Band is the first blind-accessible smart-watch that combines sonar technology with precision haptic feedback offered by LRA ELV1411A to augment spatial awareness and navigation. The SUNU BAND sonar smartwatch can vibrate to let the wearer know about obstacles ahead. We call it “FitBit for the blind.”


Just like a smartphone, Sunu Band has a Home (or standby) mode which allows the device to conserve power. Sunu Band’s HOME mode is the vibratory watch, which allows us to know the time by vibration patterns. When you are at HOME, you can read the time with the vibratory watch. You can follow the link to the vibration watch guide to learn how to use the vibratory watch or you may continue with this guide.


Sunu Band’s vibration watch allows you to know the time via a series of short or long pulses. You may choose to read the hour or the minutes depending on how you swipe on the touch pad. The Sonar and Obstacle Detection app allows us to detect/sense objects or obstacles that within our environment using the Sunu Band’s sonar sensor and haptic vibration feedback.


The app allows you to:

  • - Activate the sonar sensor and vibration feedback.
  • - Switch between sonar modes
  • - Adjust the intensity of the vibratory feedback within the app’s configuration mode.

Entering into the app activates the sonar sensor and vibratory feedback. Depending on how you are aiming the Sunu Band’s sonar sensor (or how you are holding the device), you may feel vibration pulses. Simply aim the sonar away from you, making sure there are no objects/ obstacles adjacent to the sensor.


How SUNU BAND Improves Mobility

Improve awareness

Feel your environment with vibrations created by the linear vibrator ELV1411A. Avoid accidents to your upper body.



Follow in a line with ease and maintain your personal space.


Gap finding

Find doorways and thresholds smoothly navigate though crowded spaces.



Adjust the range, sensitivity and feedback with our app to fit your lifestyle.

Configuring the Vibration Feedback Intensity Level

You can adjust the vibration feedback intensity level from within the app. There are three intensity levels to choose from:

Hard, Medium and Soft.


To enter into the configuration mode:

  • Make sure that you’ve entered into the Sonar & obstacle Detection App.
  • Press+hold button 2 for 3-5 seconds. As soon as you release button 2, you will feel a long pulse to indicate that you are now in the configuration mode.

    within the configuration mode, select the desired vibration intensity by:

  • Swiping up on the touch pad: increase the vibration intensity
  • Swiping down on the touch pad: decreases the vibration intensity.

    NFP - ELV1411A LVM Series Linear Vibration Motors

    Need-For-Power Motor offers its LVM-series linear resonant actuator vibration motors







    AC 2.0 Vrms 235Hz 53mA 1.5G Go Buy

    Due to their fast rise and fall times and superior braking ability, the NFP's linear resonant actuators (LRA) vibration motors are an excellent choice for haptic applications. Their relatively simple internal construction offers high reliability and exceptionally long life when compared with brushed ERM motors. NFP’s LRA have an internal mass that oscillates back and forth along the X-axis at its resonant frequency. They are an excellent alternative to brushless vibration motors as the only internal parts that are subjected to wear / failure are the springs.

    Features Applications
    • Long life life
    • Consistent resonant frequency
    • Custom FPC and SMD connection methods are possible
    • Superior rise and fall times
    • Wearable devices
    • Any light weight device requiring a silent alert or haptic feedback

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    Our LVM-Series linear vibration motors NFP-ELV1411A is used for SUNU BAND - a smartwatch that is enhancing mobility for the visual impaired.


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