7mm 3V Coreless Motor 32500RPM Type – 10mm Model NFP-D0710

7mm Coreless Motor, Coreless DC Motor

3V DC 32,500RPM Small Motor Model NFP-D0710 Data Sheet

Smooth running control: The precise position of the coil, the low voltage harmonics of the micro coreless motor, the sine wave drive and the controller can make the motor generate smooth torque. This feature is especially useful for slow-moving objects and precise position control, where smooth running control is the key.

Model NFP-D0710-1-3.0
Voltage 3V
Terminal resistance 5.9Ω
No-load-speed 32,500rpm
No-load-current 26mA
Stall torque CW3.85g.cm
Stall current 510mA
Max output power 0.321W
Max efficiency 56%
Torque constant 7.9g.cm/A
Rotor inertia <0.06g.cm²
Weight 1.6g


7mm Micro DC Motor NFP-D0710 Outline Drawing

NFP-D0710-coreless-micro-dc -motor

Coreless Brushed Motors Applications

Fuel Injection Systems, High Density Digital Tape Drives, Bar Code Readers, Laser Scanning Equipment, Hemodialysis Equipment, Inkjet Printers, Dosing Systems, TV Studio Cameras, Optical Disc Drives

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