130 Small Vibration Motor Used For Medical Device Model SDB-1: Benchtop Solids & Powder Dispenser

by | Dec 22, 2020


Small  | Easy Assembly For Your Applications

Brush vibration motor model NFP-F130SHZ-B 6V DC used for desktop powder dispenser, which can dispense the calibrated volume dose (and multiple) powder in a highly accurate and repeatable manner.

This solution improves laboratory productivity while ensuring process accuracy. Compared with other technologies, the volumetric solid dispensing speed is extremely fast (2.5-3.5 seconds per dose). It is easy to integrate into the workflow and relieves tedious repetitive tasks.

SDB – 1 Benchtop Powder Dispenser, dispensing heads are interchangeable and can quickly process several materials of different dosage sizes without cross-contamination without cleaning steps. A small dispensing tip can dispense a dose of 5 mg to 250 mg in one injection, or higher for incremental dispensing. The large dispensing head can dispense the amount from 5 mg to 5 grams and multiples. 

6V DC brush vibrating motor NFP-130SHZ-B data

Motor Model:NFP-130SHZ-B
Voltage Range:4.5V DC – 7V DC
Nominal Voltage:6V DC
Eccentric Mass:R9.0mm*6.0mm
Rate Speed:10,000 rpm
Stall Current:3.0A
Output Power:5.48W
Start Voltage:0.6V DC


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