Referee Paging System RPS2156

“Referee Paging System” which is used all over the world for Football (Soccer) games.  Insert NFP-P0612 to offer vibration alerting.

Sunu Band Sonar Smartwatch

Our LVM-Series linear vibration motors NFP-ELV1411A is used for SUNU BAND– a smartwatch that is enhancing mobility for the visual impaired.

Lief Smart Patch That Fights Stress

The Lief is a discreet biosensing patch that measures your heart and breath. Lief teaches you to control your body’s natural stress response through gentle, safe biofeedback exercises.

AUDO Compression Silicone Sex Toys

Audo specializing in sex product design, mould design and project management, They use NFP vibration motor inside their silicone sex toys for vibrating.

Laser Tag Equipment

Lasertag is a real-time military sports game. They use our encapsulated vibration motor vibrating to simulated a shooting game like real.

Wearable Device Shade

Built-in NFP-C0820 FPC coin vibration motor is widely used for the wearable devices to offer the notification by vibration alerting, such as the Shade

Swiftpoint Z Mouse

The Swiftpoint Z is a best game mouse built in a Force Sensor & Tactile Feedback to unleash a faster, more precise and highly intuitive mouse.

12V Vibration Motors Manufacturer

Most Powerful Vibration Motor| Eccentric Rotating Mass | Strong Vibration Force Motor

Uni Vibe Powerful Vibration Motor. Eccentric Rotating Mass Vibration Motors. Good Price & High Quality. Fast, Professional Reply In 8 Hours. Design Company’s Good Partner. Global Shipping By DHL door to door.

2021 All New 12V DC Vibration Motor

There are usually two types of vibration motors that are widely used, one is ERM type and the other is LRA type. Both of them can be provided by NFP-Motor. Generally, if need a strong vibration force the erm type is used, and it is not quite precise when compared with LRA type.

However it can provide a strong enough vibration amplitude. The miniature vibration motors can be used for indicators, when the warning occurs, timely provide vibration feedback alerting, so that the followers get a reminder. Usually erm type miniature vibration motors is cheaper. The ERM vibration motors is made of carbon brush type micro dc motor with an eccentric rotating mass on its shaft.

The vibration force or amplitude is usually depended on the rotation speed of the motor and the size of the eccentric rotating mass. For example, the radius and length of the eccentric rotating mass are proportional to each other. The higher the rotation speed, the stronger the vibration force, the larger the eccentric wheel size, the stronger the vibration amplitude.

Another should be considered is the Voltage. This motor can be fitted with a rubber sleeve to form a waterproof type vibration motor, it’s sealed to meet the needs of different scenes.

If you are trying to find 12V Vibration Motor manufacturers and suppliers from China, here it is the right place. You can source high-quality, eccentric rotating mass vibration motors supplied by the verified and experienced manufacturer — We are a reliable vibration motor exporter.


NFP-180SHZ-B 12 V DC

  • Diameter: φ20.4mm
  • Length: 32mm

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NFP-RK 370 12 V

  • Diameter: φ24mm
  • Length: 30.7mm

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NFP-SH385 12 V DC

  • Diameter: φ28.8mm
  • Length: 37.7mm

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NFP-RC520 12 V DC

  • Diameter: φ32.8mm
  • Length: 22.6mm

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  • Diameter: φ=42mm
  • Length: 66.3mm

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NFP-F280V 12V DC

  • Diameter: φ24mm
  • Length: 30mm

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NFP-SH370 12Voltage

  • Diameter: φ24.2mm
  • Length: 30.7mm

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NFP-DH370 12 Volt

  • Diameter: φ24.2mm
  • Length: 30mm

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NFP-RK370 12Volt

  • Diameter: φ20mm
  • Length: 30.7mm

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NFP-775SHV 12 Volt

  • RDiameter: φ45mm
  • Length: 66.5mm

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NFP-DH555 12 Volt

  • Diameter: φ37.3mm
  • Length: 57mm

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NFP-SH4575 12V DC

  • Diameter: φ44.5mm
  • Length: 75mm

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  • Diameter: φ24.2mm
  • Length: 30.7mm

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