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NFP-Motor is the short name of Need-For-Power Motor Co., Ltd which is one of China’s most professional manufacturers of small vibrating motor used for haptic feedback in wearable devices. Over 15 years of LRA motor and ERM motor design and manufacturing experience, NFP-Motor is an ISO 9001 certified for manufacturing high quality, reliable and affordable priced mini vibration motors including linear resonant actuators (LRA), coin vibration motorcylindrical vibration motor, micro dc gear motor, micro dc motor, We manufacture coin vibration motors in many different technologies. such as ERM type, Linear Resonant Actuators (LRA) type and BLDC brushless type. Z – axis, X -axis directions vibration. Our team understands the unique requirements of our client. From 2015 our product line has a new expansion, a variety of brush motors, brushless motors, with gearbox/encoder types, planetary DC gear motors, precision microdrives, suitable for smart home, smart door locks, robots. . .


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Detail customizations includes: custom wire length and wire gauge; encapsulation; gearing ratios; custom test reports; low temperature quali cation; connectors (e.g. Molex, JST); operating voltage; torque output; rear shaft; motor speed; vibration frequency; shaft length and features; eccentric mass design; vibration amplitude; custom gearbox; motor bearings; resonant frequency; rotary encoder


NFP-JGA12-N20 | NFP-4632-370

Φ7- Φ12mm Coin Vibration Motor

Small size makes it easy to mount in haptic device, low noise level enables feedback, rated at 3VDC. The best solution for haptic feedback.

Φ8 – Φ10mm Linear vibration motor

LRA has a narrow operating bandwidth particularly rapid tactile feedback. Fast response, long lifetime. Precise Haptic Feedback.

Φ3mm – Φ10mm ERM Pager Motors

Eccentric rotating mass(ERM), is widely used in applications that use tiny vibration to offer alert notifications and haptic feedback, like smartphone.

Waterproof Vibration Motor

Encapsulated vibration motors, waterproof is the main feature of it. This kind of vibrating motors are applied to harmful environments.

Φ4mm – Φ45mm ERM Vibration Motors

Uni Vibe range of motors includes stronger vibration motors are all ERM motors with heavier eccentric masses and higher drive voltages.

6mm Smallest Miniature Gear Motors

The DC Gearmotor, consisting of a DC electric motor and a gearbox, is at the heart of several electronic applications such as actuators, medical tool, robotic.

≤Φ64mm Miniature Gear Motors

The DC Gearmotor, consisting of a DC electric motor and a gearbox, is at the heart of several electronic applications such as actuators, medical tool, robotic.

LVM series – Linear Vibration Motors

High reliability & exceptionally long life when compared with brushed ERM motors. Excellent choice for haptic applications.

Brush DC Motors

280, 370, 390, 545,775 series brushed DC motors, used for Smart Home Systems, Power Tools, 



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